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Olympics Al-Qaeda Terrorist Threat : Johnathan Evans Security Service Lies Through His Back Teeth.

Please read the propaganda and lies from Jonathan Evans , wheeled out after two years to plant the name 'Al-Qaeda' into your brain.


 Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. It is simply a database of names of jihadists who were trained to fight against the Russians during the Afghan-Soviet conflict. * The real purpose, to build up a fake enemy so the American people support illegal invasions and occupations of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and next on the agenda Iran.  The prime objective , Oil resources. The second objective, to conquer the Middle East for:......a one rule Government i.e. America.

The three videos below explain how Al-Qaeda was born. And after watching the 'explanations'you will understand that if there were to be  an attack on London during the Olympics, it would not have been from any outside 'terror organization'. Only then will you understand that to a politician your life has no value.


Olympic Missiles : Images From Todays Stop The Olymic Missiles March.

The London 2012 Olympic Stadium at the Olympic Park in Stratford, November 2011
The London 2012 Olympic Stadium at the Olympic Park in Stratford Photo: CHRISTOPHER PLEDGER

Friday, June 29, 2012

G4S: BBC Whitewash Journalists Undercover Discovery On The Evacuation Of London During The Olympics.

Published on 29 Jun 2012 by

The BBC is making yet ANOTHER documentary about "conspiracy theorists," this time focusing on the London 2012 Olympics. They want me to be the "icing on the cake". Why is the BBC obsessed with conspiracy theories when very real and urgent information about G4S Security being prepared for an evacuation of London, foreign troops and body bags is being blacklisted by the establishment press in Britain?

Media Whitewashes Olympics Security Scandal -

Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics -

Media Blackout: Olympic False Flag Attempt Revealed -

Thursday, June 28, 2012

CPUK: May Be Investigated By The Security Industry Watchdog.

The company which became embroiled in the row over unpaid workers at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations may be investigated by the security industry watchdog over the issue, the Home Secretary has announced.
Close Protection UK (CPUK), which holds fire safety and security contracts for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, could face a fight to prove it remains fit to be one of the Government's approved security contractors after a week in which it emerged that the firm's boss, Molly Prince, was given a 12-month suspended sentence for perverting the course of justice.

The controversy, which was compounded when one of its drivers was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving after a bus carrying 15 stewards overturned, started after CPUK was forced to apologise after it was alleged its stewards had to sleep under London Bridge while working for free ahead of the Queen's river pageant. In a letter to former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott, Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has written to CPUK over the case. A spokesman said a decision would be made on whether to launch a formal investigation into the company once it has had a chance to reply.

The news comes after Lord Prescott wrote to both Mrs May and the Games' organisers, Locog, demanding an inquiry. He said: "I believe the safety of spectators, staff and competitors is of the utmost importance and we need to be assured that CPUK can deliver this."

An SIA spokesman refused to comment on individual cases but said: "SIA policy is to make enquiries into all allegations we receive concerning non-conformance with ACS requirements."
Max Clifford, who is representing CPUK, said: "An ACS audit was carried out on June 6 and 7 by a lead British Standards Institution auditor. The audit score was 104, which puts CPUK in the top 10 per cent performing ACS companies for compliance."

The firm denies exploiting cheap labour at the Diamond Jubilee.

Government Terrorism: Legal Bid Launched To Stop Missiles At Olympics.

Tenants in East London are seeking an injunction to halt surface-to-air missiles being deployed on their block of flats during the Olympic Games.

­A group of residents have launched legal proceedings against proposals by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to put an air defence system on top of a tower block in Leytonstone, a poor area of East London adjacent to the Olympic site. 

Defence officials are considering deploying Rapier and Star Streak missiles at six sites across the capital; although the final go-ahead has not yet been given.  Howe and Co solicitors said lawyers attended the High Court today to issue proceedings against the MOD on the grounds that residents had not been consulted about the plans and that they breach their human rights. 

Martin Howe, a senior partner at Howe and Co told RT, “There is a public duty upon them to consult the residents particularly under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), as this is a breach of their right to family life”. He continued, “There are 117 flats in that building and no-one heard a dickybird about this until the beginning of May. They were leafleted on a Friday night and invited to a drop in session to look at the weaponry. There was no exchange of ideas or objections.” 

“The MOD has had seven years to sort out the security of the Games, yet the residents have had two and half months notice,” he said. The tenants are seeking to stop the missiles being placed above their heads and to force the MOD into a legal consultation process.

“I’m not denying there is a security risk but everything has to be proportionate, there’s always a risk the loony fringe will see this as red rag to a bull,” he added. 

Howe compared the Olympics to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations earlier this month, which would have had a huge security operation. “We didn’t see missiles on the roof of Buckingham Palace, yet the MOD is quite happy to put them on council flats in East London,” he said.

Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics.

200,000 casket linings on standby says undercover journalist who infiltrated security team

Paul Joseph Watson

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An undercover journalist going by the pseudonym ‘Lee Hazledean’ has blown the whistle on astounding revelations about how he infiltrated the G4S – the company responsible for security at the London Olympics – and discovered shocking plans for the evacuation of London, 200,000 ‘casket linings’ being on standby, along with botched security procedures that leave the Games wide open to more

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drone Group Held Under Terrorist Act At London Airport After Dublin Show.

The drones used in Electronic Countermeasures
The drones used in Electronic Countermeasures
Image: Science Gallery
A GROUP WHO performed at the Science Gallery’s Hack the City launch in Dublin last night have been held in a London airport under the terrorism act.

The group, called Tomorrows Thoughts Today, had brought their ‘Electronic Countermeasures’ performance to Dublin in recent days, which features several small hovering drones which are capable of creating their own wi-fi network, or file sharing network.

Liam Young, one of the members of the group tweeted earlier:
Have been held for hours under schedule 7 of the terrorist act when returning from our electronic countermeasures @sciencegallery dublin.
Another – Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu - questioned whether their Twitter activities had been monitored, and whether social networking being used as a “military tool” more

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Olympics: Filming And Chatting To People About The Olympics Gets You Arrested!

London Takes Gold is an antidote to Olympic propaganda.

London 2012 organisers fear everything - streakers, terrorists, ambush marketeers, brand hijackers, space hijackers, real hijackers, ticket touts, Olympic flame firefighters, dog walkers, Tibetans, and survivors of Olympic sponsor Dow Chemical, everyone except the VIPs are on the list of suspects.

This film plots local opposition to the construction of Olympic buildings on public parkland and also examines controversy over Olympic sponsors.

While on location shooting footage for this film at Leyton Marsh, Mike Wells was arrested and spent the following 8 days in prison. The authorities were unwilling to grant bail as they claimed he would make mischief in relation the Olympic Project if released. Under his bail conditions, which he believes have been used as a political instrument, he is banned from the proximity of Olympic venue/s.

Please download this movie and share it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

NYU Professor Raises Safety Concerns About Rumored Surveillance Drones At The London Olympics.

Unmanned drones pose Olympic risk -
London residents may be concerned about the military sticking missiles on top of their roofs over the Olympics, but that might not be only danger from the skies at the Games.

According to Professor Robert Dewar, former Emeritus Professor at New York University  and founder of software firm AdaCore, rumoured plans to use unmanned aerial drones to monitor crowds at the events could have catastrophic consequences.

He believes that there are concerns that unmanned aircraft could malfunction if the software code used in operating them is not up to a sufficiently high standard.

“We do have to worry about them falling down on somebody’s head,” he said, speaking with TechEye.  “The repercussions from an accident of that kind at the Olympics would be huge, it would set back the cause for using drones for surveillance indefinitely, I would expect.”

“The consequences of misjudging it are very significant," Dewar said. "If someone was to be injured due to a drone crashing, it would really be a major issue, and the Olympics would be remembered for that incident.”

While there has been no official confirmation that drones will be used by the police to monitor crowds during the games, there has been speculation in the press, and Dewar is concerned that without proper planning the drones could present a risk.

This is mainly down to the lack of industry recognised regulation and certification of the software code used in aircraft. Dewar thinks that before any drones are used in a civilian setting they should be tested to the industry standard with regards to the safety and reliability of software code.

According to Dewar, most drone testing has been in warzones, and in these settings there safety regulations are not considered as necessary. Before transitioning to civilian use, more time needs to be taken to ensure safety.

“There are lots of examples of software malfunctioning spectacularly,” Dewar warns. This is often down to standard industry development that is business critical rather than safety critical.

While one might expect Windows to crash every now and again, he contends, the implications for aircraft are - obviously - much more serious.

“We take it for granted that all manned aircraft needs that level of care," Dewar said, "so what is the argument for being less rigorous in the case of unmanned aircraft?”

In the USA, although there is interest for using drones for policing applications, the government will not authorise them until they have met clearance from the regulatory body, the FAA. In the UK, so far, there has been no commitment to meeting regulations put forward by the Civil Aviation Authority. 

“In the States the FAA have taken a very adamant position that these things are not going to fly around in commercial airspace unless the software is certified," Dewar said, "and unless the hardware is tested to the standards of commercial hardware.”

“Unless that software goes through the same rigorous regulation that other aircraft would go through, it is hard to trust that it is completely reliable,” he said.

UK police trials have not always been successful, according to Dewar.

“In one case they managed to lose one in a river, and never found it again," he said. "You have to wonder that if a drone could fall in a river, it could fall on someone’s head.”  

"The Olympics is far too early to be considering this technology," Dewar said. "I think we have an important discussion and debate to occur over the next few years of all the implications of using drones".

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drones,Missiles And Gunships: Not to shock anyone, but there are no signs that any of the security apparatus will be dismantled once the Olympics are over.

Not even China in 2008 used drone planes or ringed the proceedings with a massive, high-voltage fence. But here is London, preparing a counter-insurgency, and parking an aircraft carrier right in the Thames. Here is London adding “scanners, biometric ID cards, number-plate and facial-recognition CCTV systems, disease tracking systems, new police control centres and checkpoints.”

The number of troops will exceed the forces the U.K. has had in Afghanistan.
It’s not just the costs or the incredible invasion into people’s privacy. It’s the powers being given to police under the 2006 “London Olympic Games Act” which empowers not only the army and police, but also private security forces to deal with “security issues” using physical force. These “security issues” have been broadly defined to include everything from “terrorism” to peaceful protesters, to labour unions, to people selling bootleg Olympic products on the streets, to taking down any corporate presence that doesn’t have the Olympic seal of approval. To help them with the last part, there will be “brand protection teams” set loose around the city. These “teams” will also operate inside Olympic venues to make sure no one “wears clothes or accessories with commercial messages other than the manufacturers who are official sponsors.

And, as the Guardian reported: “Officers have powers to move on anyone considered to be engaged in anti-social behaviour, whether they are hanging around the train station, begging, soliciting, loitering in hoodies or deemed in any way to be causing a nuisance.”
Not to shock anyone, but there are no signs that any of the security apparatus will be dismantled once the Olympics are over. Local police forces have just been given an inordinate number of new toys and the boxes have been opened, the receipts tossed more

Olympics 2012 : Prepared For A 9/11 Attack.

Published on 1 May 2012 by


Inside a ring enforced by six ground-based missile stations, RAF Typhoon fast jets will patrol the skies, alongside navy helicopters carrying snipers from the Royal Marines, whose job it will be to shoot aircraft pilots who refuse to turn back from the Olympic Park.

Almost £1bn is being spent on security at the coming Olympics, and over the next week Londoners, and those at other venues such as Weymouth in Dorset, will get a look at what they are getting for their money.

A major nine-day training exercise testing the security plan for the Games begins tomorrow. It will see warships carrying helicopters stationed near Olympic venues, and fast jets patrolling flight paths through the capital.

"Support for the Olympic Games will be an important task for defence in 2012 and this exercise is about pushing our people and our systems to the limit to ensure that we are ready for the challenge," said the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond. "The majority of this exercise will be played out in full view of the public and I hope it will have a secondary effect of reassuring the British people that everything possible is being done to ensure this will be a safe and secure Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Six sites, at Epping, Enfield, Blackheath, Greenwich, Bow and Waltham Forest are planned for installations of air defence missile systems. One, at Lexington Avenue in Bow, received attention over the weekend when residents expressed dissatisfaction at having notification of a missile system on their roof given to them by a note under the door.

The Ministry of Defence has also assured residents that the jets, helicopters and gunships will cause only minimal disturbance during the test exercises, with "limited low flying". The air defence systems will fire only practice drill missiles.

Residents at all the planned missile locations have reacted angrily to news of weaponry being installed in their neighbourhoods. "To hear there's going to be something capable of killing people that is going to be put on a block of flats a few minutes' walk from my house is shocking," said Flash Bristow, chairwoman of the Ferndale Area Residents Association in Waltham Forest.

The six selected sites are only provisional at this stage, but MoD officials hope they will be able to install the missiles at all of them. They also hope the heavy ordnance will not need to be deployed when the eyes of the world are on Stratford in the summer.

General Sir Nick Parker, who is in charge of operations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, said: "We are practising for the worst-case scenario, not the most likely scenario, but we believe that it is prudent to be prepared."

The great bulk of the security costs will go on wages for the extra personnel who will be brought in. Almost 20,000 security guards will be deployed, many of them volunteers. The figure includes 7,500 soldiers and Navy personnel in security roles. Police have refused to say how many armed officers will be used during the Games, but they did confirm that military personnel would not be used on the streets.

The Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, Chris Allison, who is the National Olympic Security Co-ordinator, insisted that no diplomatic staff or security officers from other countries, including the US, would be permitted to carry firearms during the games.

"The planning assumption is that there will be no other armed officers from across the world," he said. "The Games will be policed by the British police ... if there are any firearms required, it will be the British police who will be using their firearms."

Mr Allison confirmed that officers would not seek to clamp down on legitimate, peaceful protest during the Games, but stated that people did not have "the right to stop the Olympics happening, or the right to stop a torch bearer from having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or the right to stop an athlete who has trained for years and years for their one chance of a gold medal".

Olympics 2012 : Welcome To Lockdown London.

2012 Olympic stadium unveiled
Around 13,500 troops will be deployed at the London 2012 Olympics, more than are ­currently at war in Afghanistan. Photograph: Locog/EPA
As a metaphor for the London Olympics, it could hardly be more stark. The much-derided "Wenlock" Olympic mascot is now available in London Olympic stores dressed as a Metropolitan police officer. For £10.25 you, too, can own the ultimate symbol of the Games: a member of by far the biggest and most expensive security operation in recent British history packaged as tourist commodity. Eerily, his single panoptic-style eye, peering out from beneath the police helmet, is reminiscent of the all-seeing eye of God so commonly depicted at the top of Enlightenment paintings. In these, God's eye maintained a custodial and omniscient surveillance on His unruly subjects far below on terra firma.

The imminent Olympics will take place in a city still recovering from riots that the Guardian-LSE Reading the Riots project showed were partly fuelled by resentment at their lavish cost. Last week, the UK spending watchdog warned that the overall costs of the Games were set to be at least £11bn – £2 bn over even recently inflated budgets. When major infrastructure projects such as Crossrail, speeded up for the Games, are factored in, the figure may be as high as £24bn, according to Sky News. The estimated cost put forward only seven years ago when the Games were won was £2.37 bn.

With the required numbers of security staff more than doubling in the last year, estimates of the Games' immediate security costs have doubled from £282m to £553m. Even these figures are likely to end up as dramatic underestimates: the final security budget of the 2004 Athens Olympics were around £1bn.

All this in a city convulsed by massive welfare, housing benefit and legal aid cuts, spiralling unemployment and rising social protests. It is darkly ironic, indeed, that large swaths of London and the UK are being thrown into ever deeper insecurity while being asked to pay for a massive security operation, of unprecedented scale, largely to protect wealthy and powerful people and more

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Section 22 – Enforcement: Power Of Entry.

London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006

2006 CHAPTER 12

An Act to make provision in connection with the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games that are to take place in London in the year 2012; to amend the Olympic Symbol etc. (Protection) Act 1995; and for connected purposes.
[30th March 2006]
Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—
Section 22 – Enforcement: power of entry

(1) A constable or enforcement officer may—

(a) enter land or premises on which they reasonably believe a contravention of regulations under section 19 is occurring (whether by reason of advertising on that land or premises or by the use of that land or premises to cause an advertisement to appear elsewhere);

(b) remove, destroy, conceal or erase any infringing article;

(c) when entering land under paragraph (a), be accompanied by one or more persons for the purpose of taking action under paragraph (b);

(d) use, or authorise the use of, reasonable force for the purpose of taking action under this subsection.

(2) The power to enter land or premises may be exercised only at a time that a constable or enforcement officer thinks reasonable having regard to the nature and circumstances of the contravention of regulations under section 19.

(3) Before entering land or premises a constable or enforcement officer must take reasonable steps to—

(a) establish the identity of an owner, occupier or person responsible for the management of the land or premises or of any infringing article on the land or premises, and

(b)give any owner, occupier or responsible person identified under paragraph (a) such opportunity as seems reasonable to the constable or enforcement officer in the circumstances of the case to end the contravention of the regulations (whether by removing, destroying or concealing any infringing article or otherwise).

(4) The power to enter premises may be exercised in relation to a dwelling only in accordance with a warrant issued by a justice of the peace; and a justice of the peace may issue a warrant only if satisfied on the application of a constable or enforcement officer that—

(a) there are reasonable grounds to believe a contravention of regulations under section 19 is occurring in the dwelling or on land that can reasonably be entered only through the dwelling,

(b) the constable or enforcement officer has complied with subsection (3),

(c)the constable or enforcement officer has taken reasonable steps to give notice to persons likely to be interested of his intention to apply for a warrant, and

(d) that it is reasonable in the circumstances of the case to issue a warrant.

Source =

Operation Olympic Guardian. Military Exercise.

Published on 2 May 2012 by
Published on May 2, 2012 by swilliamism

Truth You Can Wake Up To - 2nd May 2012
Host Samuel William discusses the up-coming military exercise 'operation olympic guardian' where the british military and police will be arming up and demonstrating their manliness to the general public. The name sounds dangerously close to 'vigilant guardian' which was a military exercise that took place on 9/11.

Military Lockdown:14,000 Troops Drafted In From Afghanistan.

Published on 11 May 2012 by
more at:

As the 2012 Olympics nears it's arrival, preparations have began. 14,000 troops have recently been drafted in from Afghanistan for what is set to be the largest mobilisation of military forces on the streets of London since World War II. A number of Ground-to-air missiles have been stationed at residential housing estates and the navy's largest military vessel has been stationed on the Thames. As military exercises were taking place across London we spoke to a number of residents, most of whom were unaware of the preparations yet to come.

Olymipcs 2012 :Image- Surface To Air Missile Sites

MOD leaflet about the missiles:
BBC report:
29 April 2012
Surface to Air Missiles for 2012 Olympics Site
A sends:
The former Bryant and May match factory in Fairfield Road, Bow, East London - now a private gated community of exclusive apartments known as Bow Quarter.
The roofs of two towers (converted for lift shafts for the apartments) have been chosen by the Ministry of Defence to site surface-to-air high-velocity missile systems.
Washington DC missile protection:

G4S : UK hires human rights abusers to protect Olympics.

Published on 10 Jun 2012 by

The British government is up for questioning from Parliament over why it has handed over the Olympic Games' security to a company accused of human rights abuses in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. ­The UK-based G4S, which describes itself as the "world's leading international security solutions group," was selected as the "official provider of security and cash services for the Olympics."

Tony Gosling, investigative journalist talks to RT. He says it is unclear how a company with such a questionable reputation could have been chosen to provide security during the London Olympics. "G4S is about the worst you could pick in the world to do this job."

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