Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Air Defense Systems To Be Deployed At Six Locations For London Olympics.

The British Government's sinister plot continues, to all intense and purposes the Olypmics is safe....except for the most vulnerable area of all, the theme park. . The theme park as  whistleblower  'Lee Hazledean'has already tried to tell the world and been ignored , is insecure as G4S very well know. In fact the media have informed 'Lee 'there is a complete media blackout on this subject , that they did not want to know so would he please just go away.  SEE LINK


The UK government has confirmed that ground-based air defense systems will be positioned at six locations in and around London during the Olympic Games. The missiles, which include rapier and high-velocity missile systems, will be in place from mid-July, the BBC reports. Helicopter carrier HMS Ocean will be moored in the River Thames. RAF Typhoon jets are expected to be stationed at RAF Northolt, and Puma helicopters in Ilford.